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The Cycad Pages
World List of Cycads
K.D. Hill & D.W. Stevenson

Cycas maconochiei Photo Ken Hill
A comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date listing of all accepted cycad names and their synonyms
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The World List of Cycads is the outcome of the combined work of John Hendricks, Ken Hill, Roy Osborne and Dennis Stevenson over the past two decades. Our first "World List" was published in Encephalartos, the Journal of the Cycad Society of South Africa (Osborne and Hendricks, 1985) with minor amendments in a supplementary list in a subsequent issue of the same journal (Osborne and Hendricks, 1986). Several updates have followed as new discoveries and changes in taxonomy and in outlook, especially in the genera Cycas, Encephalartos, Macrozamia and Zamia, made the previous lists obsolete. These have been presented at the various International Conferences on Cycad Biology (Stevenson, Osborne and Hendricks, 1990; Stevenson and Osborne 1993A; Stevenson, Osborne and Hill, 1995; Stevenson, Osborne and Hill, in press) and elsewhere (Stevenson and Osborne 1993B). The rapid recent changes in the taxonomy of the cycads have been somewhat unexpected, with almost half of the now accepted cycad species being named in the last 20 years (see graph). This has necessitated frequent updates to the World List, and the online version will now make this changing taxonomy immediately available to all.

The lists as published gave the valid names of all known extant cycads at the times of final editing. Compilation was alphabetical by family, according to Stevenson (1992). The online version has been expanded to include all known synonyms and details of typification of all validly published names. The database at present is kept as a text file and searched using PERL scripts.

All author's names are abbreviated in accordance with Brummit and Powell (1992). journals are abbreviated according to the Botanico-Periodicum-Huntianum standard and other material follows the style of Stafleu and Cowan (1976-1983).

The Cycad Pages
1998 Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Written and maintained by Ken Hill
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