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The Cycad Pages
Authors and contributors

The Cycad Pages were designed and developed by Ken Hill, of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. They are now a joint project with Dennis Stevenson, of the New York Botanical Garden. Dennis is taking responsibility for the New World cycads, and Ken is handling those of the Old World, together with site maintenance. Authorship of individual sections is attributed at the head of a page when appropriate. Other contributors are acknowledged where their contributions appear, and are listed below.


Ken Hill
Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Dennis Stevenson
New York Botanical Garden.


Bruce Ironmonger
Roy Osborne
Andrew Vovides
Peter Lister


Julio Becantur
Favio Gonzales
Roy Halling
Christopher Hardy
Ken Hill
Knut Norstog
Timothy Plowman
Dennis Stevenson
Muriel Weinerman